phoneThe dialing is now underway!

The Missouri Southern Foundation will conduct its annual Phonathon through Wednesday, Feb 27.

Michael Fontana, Development Officer – Annual Fund/Scholarships, says this year’s Phonathon will have a 75th Anniversary theme in keeping with this year’s celebration of MSSU’s 75th year of existence.

Fontana says the Phonathon will include at least 25 current MSSU students calling alumni and friends to ask their support for the University. All calls will be made from the MSSU campus.

The Phonathon has been the centerpiece of the Southern Annual Fund campaign for over 30 years. The Fund helps to address critical and strategic needs on campus. These needs include scholarships, facilities improvements, and general operations.

“It’s really about building a relationship,” Fontana says. “Current students talk to former students. Having our students do the calling makes annual fund much more real, intimate and immediate.”

The goal for the Phonathon callers this year is $82,500. The goal for the Southern Annual Fund drive which includes includes the Phonathon as well as separate solicitations for faculty, staff, businesses, Board of Governors, Foundation Board and others, is $106,700.

Fontana says the Phonathon can accept payments by check and credit card.

More than 9,000 people were contacted during last year’s campaign.

For more information on the Phonathon or to make a pledge to the Southern Annual Fund, please contact Fontana at (417) 659-4436 or