(The following note goes to all employees from MSSU President Bruce W. Speck.)

Shortly after I arrived on campus, I became aware of the need to identify, review, update, and create new policies and procedures.  To date, a committee has been working diligently to accomplish those tasks.  Essentially, the committee has gathered existing policies and procedures, identified gaps where new policies and procedures are needed, and created a standard format for all policies and procedures.

I am very grateful to the following members of that committee for all the work they have done:

AJ Anglin
Marsi Archer
Grace Ayton
Jared Bruggeman
Joyce Courtney
Cheryl Dobson
Darren Fullerton
Jeff Gibson
JoAnn Graffam
Debbie Dutch Kelly
Aaron Lewis
Mark Parsons
Lee Pound
Derek Skaggs
Al Stadler
Rod Surber
Leslie Willis
Rob Yust

We all owe a debt of gratitude to these colleagues for the many hours they have devoted to this necessary project.

At present, we are in the final stage of ensuring that campus policies and procedures are complete.  My goal is to finish the task of creating a complete body of policy and procedures by the end of this semester.

Just to make sure that everyone has had an opportunity to provide whatever policies and procedures that have not been officially identified and formatted, I am making a last call for any such policies and procedures.  You should send those policies and procedures to Joyce Courtney at courtney-j@mssu.edu by Feb. 28, 2013.

Please go to https://intranet.mssu.edu/sites/policy/SitePages/Home.aspx to review the policies and procedures that are already in final format.  If you previously submitted materials, thank you, and if you need to update materials, please contact Joyce.

– Bruce W. Speck
MSSU President