Advisers and students should be aware that the Summer Financial Aid application is now available. Please review the basic requirements for summer aid  that are listed in the bulleted items.

The application is available online at Summer Financial Aid.

After students apply for Summer Financial Aid, the university determines if the student has  any eligibility for summer aid. 

“Summer is packaged differently and has different regulations than fall and spring aid,” says Julia Jensen, Title IV Aid & Compliance Officer. “We require this easy one-page app so we know which students want to be considered for summer aid.

Jensen says  all students must have a FAFSA for the 12-13 Academic Year on file with us before  summer aid eligibility can be determined.

 The summer app is available with forms on the MSSU website and on the Financial Aid tab of LioNet.

Those with questions may contact Jensen at (417) 659-5437.