6641483557_a256aac45e_mMissouri Southern’s Shared Governance Committee is now in place.

Thanks again to members of the Shared Governance Task Force for leading the way following 2008 recommendations from the Higher Learning Commission and for promoting the formation of this committee.

 As approved by the Board of Governors last year, this committee has a number of responsibilities:

They will review and affirm Shared Governance Philosophy, Goals and Principles, as well as the Shared Governance Framework that have already been adopted.

 They will review and analyze Shared Governance surveys and report results to the campus community.

 They will monitor our communication infrastructure and assure that, at minimum, all campus-wide committee reports are posted on the Intranet.

 They will assure that there is an avenue for employees to send in recommendations for effective intra-campus communication.

 They will make recommendations to appropriate university bodies to maintain effective, open communication.

 They will submit annual written reports to Administration for dissemination to the campus.

 They will promote campus-wide education and discussion to foster a healthy shared governance environment. 

We are appreciative to all who have agreed to serve on the Shared Governance Committee, and we look forward to their dynamic suggestions for our ongoing efforts to improve shared governance at MOSO.

I encourage everyone to learn the membership of this new committee and to provide them your ideas and support.

 — Sherry Buchanan, Ph.D.
Chair, MSSU Board of Governors
March 2013