Missouri Southern’s graduates have achieved success in diverse fields. Graduate Jeff Speakman worked his way to a degree in psychology at Missouri Southern  and, in 1980, met legendary martial arts master Lou Angel at Angel’s studio in Joplin.  It began a lifelong passion in Kenpo Karate for Speakman.

After moving to California, Speakman began acting and has starred in 10 feature films.  According to his website, he is the only martial artist rated higher in terms of popularity than Bruce Lee (who comes in second) and Chuck Norris who is third.

“Embrace change,” his website says, “and become part of the solution.”

He currently operates the Jeff Speakman Kenpo Karate 5.0 franchise schools in 20 countries and leads the non-profit Champions Foundation, which teaches Kenpo Karate to underprivileged children in the U.S., Bolivia, Mexico, Germany and soon, Australia and Chile.