Just in case you’re ever on the television show Jeopardy and just in case the category ever is Missouri Southern State University, here are some facts to remember.

Answer: 5,417
Question: What was Missouri Southern’s total enrollment in fall 2012?

Answer: It’s about 11 percent.
Question: What’s the percentage of minority enrollment at MSSU?

Answer: More girls than boys!
Question: What’s the percentage of men compared to women at MOSO? (As of fall 2011, it was 58 percent female and 42 percent male.)

Answer: In total, about 88 percent.
Question: How many Missouri Southern Students receive financial aid?

Answer: The magic number is 373.
Question: How many acres does the Missouri Southern campus encompass?


Answer: Green PMS 349 or CMYK – C 90, m 31, y 96, k2
Question: What, exactly, is the shade of green in MSSU’s green and gold?