halstead-reserve force2The Missouri Southern State University Police Force has a new reserve police officer.

Ryan Halstead, Joplin, who also works as the Manager of IT Security at MSSU, was sworn-in in the President’s Conference Room on Monday, July 15.

Missouri Southern Police Chief Ken Kennedy says Halstead went through the Missouri Southern Police Academy in 2004 and passed all the testing (physical fitness, written test, firearms qualification, etc.) that full time officers must pass.

“We now have seven full time and six  reserve officers,” Chief Kennedy states.  “The reserve officers help with concerts, sports events and even fill shifts occasionally when officers are on vacation.”

The Reserve Officer program at MSSU allows officers to utilize the police training they have received while still working full-time in another career.  In some instances it gives officers just out of the police academy an opportunity to get commissioned through the state before the five year deadline to be commissioned has passed. Reserve officers, who volunteer their time, also receive additional training and job experience.

Reserve officers in good standing receive special consideration when full-time officer positions become available.

All members of the Missouri Southern State University Police Force are fully-certified police officers.

In photo: MSSU Police Chief Ken Kennedy (left) and new Reserve Officer Ryan Halstead displays Halstead’s badge.