MSSU has launched a new  calendar of events that has many new features. Visitors may go directly to to view the new calendar, select “All Events”  to the right of the “Events Calendar” text on the University’s homepage or select “Calendar” that appears in the footer section of every MSSU web page.

The new calendar features a more comprehensive list of event categories. Users may select one or more, or all categories to view scheduled events.

Day, week or month views are available and an event search option is available.

The calendar homepage highlights featured events with rotating graphics and offers other locations on the page to promote events or services.

The new calendar is mobile ready and detects whether a visitor is using a desk top  browser or mobile device and renders the appropriate view.

The calendar also easily connects to iCalendar, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar and Windows Live Calendar (Outlook). In addition, calendar events can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Goolg+, as well as many other social networks, including Delicious, Stumble Upon, tumblr and about 50 other social networks.

Event locations include a Google Maps location with the standard map view, terrain view and satellite view that provides directions to the specific event venue, identified by latitude and longitude details.

The event descriptions may also include multimedia components such as images and video.

Individuals may subscribe to RSS feeds by selecting “Tools” at the top of each calendar page. Other options of embedding MSSU event news in webpages are also available under the “Tools” section.

The calendar also highlights “Featured” events, “Popular” events and “Newest” events, the latter two determined by visitor activity.

“We are very excited to offer this new calendar of events to our campus community,” stated Albert Stadler, Chief Information Officer, at MSSU. “In addition to our mobile app recently launched, the new calendar represents another big step forward in serving our students and the general public.”

“The Web Services team has worked several months to integrate the new calendar into the University’s online services,” he said. “Web Services has been working on several projects in conjunction with the calendar and we are happy to push this particular effort into full operation for our students and the public.”