hopkins-compThe Student Success Center is here to help students achieve their academic goals through our many services.

Tutoring, the Tutor Training Class, Disability Services and the UE 150-College Academic Skills class are all offered through the Student Success Center.

We provide a welcoming, kind, and encouraging place where each and every student can feel comfortable to ask questions and get the assistance that they need.  We encourage all students to access our services early.  Don’t wait!  We’re here to help.

All services are free to MSSU students!

If you know a student who hasn’t taken yet advantage of our tutoring services, my question to them would be:  Why not?  We have some amazing peer tutors who are trained through our Tutor Training course.  Tutors are very carefully selected.  All tutors must:

  • have achieved a high GPA
  • show strong achievement in their major
  • indicate a willingness to help others
  • demonstrate responsibility and punctuality
  • complete the eight week training class

The Student Success Center’s Tutor Training course is sanctioned by the CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association).  We have been re-certified for five years.  This is the maximum amount of time that a tutoring program can be certified, and we are proud of this honor.  When our tutors complete the Tutor Training course, they are considered CRLA Level I tutors.  The Level I tutors have the option of completing Level II tutor training as they become more experienced.  This training is transferrable to other CRLA certified institutions.

Tutoring is available in 100 and 200 level courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, political science, sociology, and psychology, and many other subjects. Writing tutoring is also available for composition courses and writing intensive courses.  Students can either “drop in” for tutoring (schedules are posted outside our office – Hearnes Hall 301) or request an appointment by completing the on-line application http://webapps.mssu.edu/FormWizard/FormViewer.aspx?Id=92 .

Did you know that we also offer an on-line writing service?  Peer tutoring in writing is available, through email, to MSSU students by the Student Success Center writing tutors. Student writers can receive assistance with any stage of the writing process including:

  • getting started
  • generating and elaborating ideas
  • organizing and clarifying ideas
  • using correct grammar and mechanics
  • doing successful research
  • documenting sources appropriately

Each year, our tutors participate in Tutor Day.  This program is unique to MSSU.  We invite area high school tutors to visit our campus and learn from our tutors.  MSSU tutors train the next generation of tutors in topics that vary from year to year, but have included: Pesky Personality Traits, My Instructor is Insane and Out to Get Me, Encouraging Out of Class Learning, and Learning Styles.  High school students are also given the opportunity to visit with various campus offices, take a brief tour of campus (i.e. cadaver labs and simulation center) and have lunch with us.

We are constantly striving to make our tutoring program the best around.  If you know a student who would make a great tutor, please send them our way!

The Office of Student Disability Services is also housed in the Student Success Center.  The mission of the Student Disability Services Office is to provide students with disabilities support services that will allow them to access programs, services and facilities, and activities of the University.

Accommodations are individualized based on the needs of each student as identified in documentation of the student’s disability. Examples of what we can do include:

  • Review of documentation to establish eligibility for services
  • Letters to faculty identifying appropriate classroom accommodations
  • Classroom and course requirement accommodations
  • Materials in alternative formats
  • Academic aides (note takers, sign language interpreters, readers, scribes, etc.)
  • Equipment loan related to academic needs
  • Advocacy

We are excited to announce that this fall, we will host our first annual Disabilities Awareness Fair.  This fair is for faculty, staff, and students who want to learn more about disabilities and the various services that are offered through our office and through outside agencies.  We will be hosting this event by the Lion’s Den on October 2, 2013 from 10 a.m. until noon.  Please mark your calendars!  We would love to see you there and feel free to bring your class!

— Stephanie Hopkins, Ed.S.
Director, Student Success Center