italian-poetsPoetry written in Italian and its dialects is among the most exquisite ever written. Though Italian poetry as such is relatively recent, with origins in the 13th century, it grows out of a rich tradition with roots in classical Latin verse.

Like its Latin ancestor, Italian poetry reflects a range of spiritual and secular topics, including love, religious devotion, nature, heroism, nationalism, and contemporary issues, always explored through incomparably resonant language.

This session will feature readings by English professors from a broad spectrum of wonderful Italian lyric poets, from Petrarch to Leopardi to more recent masters such as Ungaretti and Montale.

Mark your calendar for 11-11:50 a.m. on Tuesday, September 17 for “The Spectacular World of Italian Poetry.”

For more information, contact Dr. Chad Stebbins at 625-9736 or email