writingKXMS is putting out a call to all campus poets for submissions for potential inclusion in the new hour-long radio special with the working title, “The Poetry Project.”  Producer Ethan Stump will coordinate the taping of authors as they become known to KXMS Radio in the coming weeks.  Poets will be asked to provide a short biographical paragraph to inform the radio audience about the authors’ background.

KXMS was officially trademarked as “Fine Arts Radio International” in February 2001, and poetry has been an integral part of Southern’s radio schedule since January 1990.  Twenty-five percent of the KXMS radio library is vocal music, much of which stems from original poetry from the pens of the likes of Goethe, Schiller, Rainer Rilke, Walter Scott, and Robert Burns, to name just a few.  Shakespeare has been an exceptionally prominent poetical source and inspiration in the past 23 years, championed by program hosts Peter Van De Graaff and Jeff Skibbe in particular.

Every weekday, Monday through Friday shortly after 5 p.m., author Garrison Keillor reads a short poem on his “Writer’s Almanac” segment of the MSSU-produced “Southern Serenade” program.  Also in recent weeks, English poet William Blake was highlighted on “Southern Serenade.”  Thirty-one authors are thematically keyed into the KXMS record library of over 45,000 titles, including Joplin’s own Langston Hughes.

If you are a poet who works at or attends MSSU, we invite you to make yourself and your art known to KXMS for possible inclusion in “The Poetry Project.”  Simply send an e-mail to kxms@mssu.edu and producer Ethan Stump will initiate contact.  “The Poetry Project” will air later in the fall semester on 88.7KXMS.

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88.7KXMS/Fine Arts Radio International is a cultural resource and a community service of Missouri Southern State University.