math-pic-oneSeveral courses in the Department of Mathematics at MSSU are now “bookless” thanks to a software program called MyMathLab (MML).

The software, available online along with video lectures and practice problems, helps students by having assistance available to them 24/7. It also offers extra options called “help me solve this” and “show me an example.”

Dr. Kerry Johnson, head of the Mathematics Department, said going bookless has made several basic math courses function more effectively.

There is a $5 flat fee for classes that use MML.  Students in Math 130 also have to purchase a TI-89 calculator. They do not pay for any other book rental/purchase.

Johnson said the move away from textbooks began about three years ago and that he is surprised at how smooth the transition was in departing from physical textbooks.

“I didn’t think it would happen this fast,” he said, adding that professors have been pleased with the change.

“E-books have just exploded. It is the future,” Dr. Johnson says.