Mohan Ramanan

Mohan Ramanan

Professor Mohan Ramanan had the opportunity to visit Missouri Southern State University in 2003, and welcomed the chance to return for an extended stay.

Ramanan is wrapping up a semester of teaching at Missouri Southern. While he only briefly visited the campus a decade ago, his current trip has been as a Fulbright Scholar.

Through the Fulbright program, which promotes international educational exchange, the professor from India’s University of Hyderabad is currently teaching two classes. One is a survey of British literature, and the other of Indian literature.

“The beginning of the courses was tricky at first,” he says of the transition to teaching American students. “(But) the students seem to be responding, and I am enjoying that.”

“I developed great friendships and professional relationships,” he says of his stay here. “If I had chosen to teach at a bigger university like Harvard, I would be lost. Joplin has been very welcoming, indeed.”

His specialty is Indian literature originally written in English. He possesses extensive knowledge on the life and practices of Gandhi. In October, he joined with other Missouri Southern professors for a program entitled “Gandhi: Who Was He?”

Ramanan says he has enjoyed his experiences at Missouri Southern and is glad to have had the opportunity to return.

“I have only more one more year before I retire, but I have decided to take the challenge even at this age,” he says. “I won the Fulbright award even though I never thought I would. I will cherish these memories of Joplin and the friendships I’ve created when I go back to India.”