During their latest meeting, the Staff Senate discussed award nominations and the Shared Sick Leave Policy.

The Staff Senate talked about the Southern Service Champ and Superior Service award nominations, a topic which was brought forward from the previous meeting. The group discussed making sure that copies of the nominations are handed out to all of the individuals who are nominated, even if they don’t receive the award.

Revisions to the Shared Sick Leave Pool Policy are also being considered, so that the policy can provide help to all staff members if affected.

Missouri Southern will host the Relay for Life event on June 14. On the fourth Tuesday of February through May, Pizza Hut will donate part of their proceeds to the event. Just tell your Pizza Hut server that you are there for the Relay for Life. Teams are currently being formed to participate in the event.

The Staff Senate meets at 9 a.m. on the second Wednesday of every month in the Board of Governors room in Billingsly Student Center. Meetings are open for all staff members to attend.