When Stephanie Hopkins and Debra Fort staged the annual Tutor Day at Missouri Southern last fall, the event received an A+ from one of the organizers of an upcoming conference.

Stephanie Hopkins

Stephanie Hopkins

Hopkins, the director of the Student Success Center, and Fort, an academic skills specialist at the center, were invited to give a presentation during the first annual Missouri Congress of A+ Tutors (MOCAPT). Set for March 25 at Columbia College in Columbia, Mo., the pair will present “Learning to Learn” to students from around the state.

“The presentation will be on learning styles,” said Hopkins.

It will cover the various approaches used to reach students who utilize the A+ tutoring services.

The A+ program is a scholarship that pays for the first two years of college, and is based on a student’s GPA, attendance and a commitment to offer 50 hours of tutoring for fellow students.

“There will be A+ students from all over the state (attending the conference),” said Hopkins. “It will also be an opportunity for us to network and get information out and grow our Tutor Day and make it even better.”

Missouri Southern’s annual Tutor Day has grown over the years. Last fall, around 100 students from throughout the region attended.

Debra Fort

Debra Fort

“Last time, we had presentations on learning styles, communication and writing,” said Fort. “After they rotated through the different session, students were allowed to make a visit on campus to the cadaver lab, the simulation lab, radiology and Student Services.”

One of the organizers for the upcoming MOCAPT conference was impressed by the event and invited Hopkins and Fort to give a presentation.

“It’s an honor to be asked to go,” said Fort.

Missouri Southern’s Tutor Day also received recognition this month in the form of an article Hopkins penned that was accepted for the National College Learning Center Association’s online newsletter.

“The edition happened to be on student services that universities provide, so I wrote an article on Tutor Day,” she said. “The edition happened to be on student services that universities provide, and the prompt they provided was ‘What do you do and how do you do it?’”