Two new partnerships will greatly expand the offerings available to students, faculty and staff through Spiva Library.

The library is a member of MOBIUS – a consortium to share library materials, information and services using accessible, cost effective methods. MOBIUS has 70 member libraries with over 143 branches which contribute 25 million items to the union catalog.

MOBIOUS recently announced a new collaboration with the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries. This will give member libraries access to an additional 30 million items. The partnership will greatly improve access to a subset of the Alliance’s scholarly research materials since the Alliance Union Catalog contains the holdings for the Center for Research Libraries and many other academic libraries, making it much faster and easier to request these materials. The partnership will be operational by August 2014.

The other new partnership is with the Tulsa City-County Library, which will join MOBIUS as the first out-of-state member in May.

Their collection includes over 1.5 million items which will be searchable through their online catalog. These items will be available through traditional Interlibrary Loan and delivered through courier service to Spiva Library at no shipping cost. Interlibrary loan is a mostly free service to all MSSU students, faculty, and staff with the occasional exception of the lending library charging a lending fee.

What does this mean for Missouri Southern?

You will soon have access to over 56.5 million items through the library. Even better, MOBIUS is a free service to all MSSU students, faculty, and staff. If you can’t find what you are looking for in SWAN or Summon, to check the MOBIUS catalog by choosing the “Books and More” tab on the library homepage and selecting “Missouri Libraries (MOBIUS)” link.