Service awards and a new Benevolence Fund were among the items discussed during the Staff Senate meeting held March 12.

Discussion about the Southern Service Champ and Superior Service Award nominations was held. This discussion was brought forward from the last meeting. It was proposed that recognition will be uniform for both awards, and all individuals that were nominated will receive notification. The Southern Service Champs committee that oversees the award is made up of both Staff Senate members and other representatives from all over campus that are not representatives on staff senate.

The Missouri Southern Foundation has started a Benevolence Fund. More information will be forthcoming over the next few months about the fund.

The Faculty Senate discussed three topics that were very important to all members on campus: the presidential search, a snow day policy (contact Michael Garoutte for more information) and a domestic partner benefit package in regard to insurance benefits (for more information about that topic, contact Richard Laird).

  • The Presidential Search Committee has approved the job description and will move forward on sending it to the highest ranking search areas for jobs in higher education. The cost that was initially reported will be much less, as the committee will do the majority of the work and then the firm will perform background checks. The costs will change if the search is deemed a failed search.

Missouri Southern will be the host of Relay for Life on June 14. Staff Senate would like to make everyone aware that the fourth Tuesday of the month until May, Pizza Hut will give part of their proceeds to the Relay for Life. Staff Senate will be part of the Missouri Southern team and encourages others to join as well.


The next Staff Senate meeting is set for 9 a.m. Wednesday, April 9, in Room 310 of Billingsly Student Center. The meeting is open to all staff members.