The following is the schedule of senior thesis presentations for the Spring 2014 semester. All presentations will take place in Room 217 of Taylor Hall.

Monday, April 21

11 a.m.: Kenzo Van Baal, biology major – “A Genome Specific Approach to Antibiotic Treatments”

3 p.m.: Ankit Basnet, literary studies major – “On the Surface of Things: Image and Subjectivity in John Ashbery’s Poetry”

4 p.m.: Taylor Haas, political science major – “State of the Campus: Does the Student Government of Missouri Southern State University Effectively Represent the Interests of Its Students?”

Tuesday, April 22

3 p.m.: Jordanne Wright, biology major – “Genetic Homology Among Local Staphylococcus”

4 p.m.: Sarah Chambers, sociology major – “Echoes from the Past: The Kalevala’s Cultural Significance in Present-Day Finland”

Thursday, April 24

1 p.m.: Chasity Henson, physics major – “Tornado Climatology of the Joplin Area”

2 p.m.: Austin Gibbs, general studies major – “The Predictive Reliability of Therapist’s Predicted Functional Impairment Outcomes vs. Actual Functional Impairment Outcomes”

3 p.m.: Michael Weaver, biology major – “Parental Influence and the Diagnosis of ADHD in Pediatric Patients”

4 p.m.: Jansen Adams, management and marketing major – “Business Plan for Missouri Southern State University’s Intramural Sports Program”

Friday, April 25

8 a.m. Molly Shumaker, biochemistry major – “The Synthesis of Naproxen Using Organozinc Reagents”

9 a.m.: Luke Barr, math major – “Predicting the 2014 FIFA World Cup Using the Least Squares Method”

10 a.m.: Elizabeth Hammons, Spanish education major – “Motivation and Anxiety in the Foreign Language Classroom”

11 a.m.: Casey Carr, biology major – “Prairie Dependent Birds of Prey in Missouri: A Field Study Analysis of Current Day Population Trends of Wintering Northern Harriers and Short-eared Owls in Southwest Missouri”

12 p.m.: Eryn Walters, marketing major – “The MSSU Consumer: Apple vs. Samsung”

1 p.m.: Faith Collingsworth, psychology major – “The Effects of Distinctively African Amercian Names on the Perception of Drug Crimes”

2 p.m.: Brady Ghan, sociology major – “The Spirit of Conspiracism: An Investigation of the Link between Parapsychological Belief and Conspiracism”

3 p.m.: Shelby Cummins, Secondary English Education major – “‘Wherefore art thou Romeo?’: Teaching Shakespeare in the Secondary Classroom”

4 p.m.: Abigail Frances, art graphic design major – “The Golden Ratio and Design: An Analysis of the Influence of Phi in the Efficacy of Poster Design”