A new scholarship plan is set to be implemented for the 2014-15 academic year at Missouri Southern, which will rearrange current funds in an effort to attract and reward incoming students who are academically prepared.

The decision to restructure the merit scholarships comes after an extensive review and is in line with the goals set in Missouri Southern’s strategic plan to increase retention and graduation.

Changes made to the current student aid distribution plan include:

  • Allowing institutional scholarships to pay all tuition and related university fees up to direct institutional costs – which includes tuition, books, and room and board.
  • Allowing the A+ scholarship to be combined with other academic awards.
  • Providing competitive award amounts for high-achieving freshmen and transfer students.
  • Allowing qualified transfer students to combine the Phi Theta Kappa scholarship with other transfer scholarships.

The changes are part of a coordinated effort to help students succeed at Missouri Southern, said Darren Fullerton, vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

“The most important proposed change would allow academically prepared students the opportunity to combine, or ‘stack,’ eligible scholarships,” Fullerton said.

The plan is part of Missouri Southern’s long-term effort to attract students who are academically prepared for college and to then help them succeed. It includes dual-credit enrollment for high-school students capable of doing university work, coordinating with high schools on their curriculum and providing appropriate financial aid and enhanced advising for those admitted to the university.