A dozen new interns at Freeman Health System attended a skills fair on July 2 in the Health Sciences Building.

Freeman interns practice skills on a mannequin in Southern's simulation lab.

Freeman interns practice skills on a mannequin in Southern’s simulation lab.

The Freeman personnel heard lectures on different protocols and then conducted practice sessions in the university’s simulation lab, said Caleb Lewis, simulation coordinator at Missouri Southern. The interns used the simulation lab mannequins to practice creating emergency airways, inserting a central IV line, caring for patients in shock and other critical care procedures.

“This is the first year (Freeman) had training here,” said Lewis. “We’re hoping we can have them out here every year.”

“Research shows that residents who participate in such simulations are far more proficient at critical care procedures than those taught at the bedside,” said Dr. Robert McNab, Freeman Graduate Medical Education program director. “Freeman is incredibly grateful to Missouri Southern State University for welcoming our interns. The university has a tremendous amount of resources that will help these students to someday be skilled physicians.”