There was a quiet pause as students from the Kinesiology Department lifted the orange Gatorade buckets above the heads of the faculty and staff members seated before them.

As the buckets overturned, the quiet was shattered by screams and laughter as their bodies were drenched in icy water.

The Kinesiology Department staff were among members of the campus community who joined the Ice Bucket Challenge for the ALS Association this week. The viral challenge involves being doused with buckets of ice water on video, pledging to make a donation toward fighting the disease and challenging others to do the same.

“A couple of our students challenged the faculty members and we accepted the challenge,” said Jean Hobbs, chair of the Kinesiology Department.

She was joined by Sheri Beeler, Maria Bruggeman, Maryann Mitts, Patty Vava and Andrea Hacker. Among those they challenged to take the Ice Bucket challenge were their counterparts at Pittsburg State University.

Others who took on the challenge this week included Lee Elliff Pound, director of the Alumni Association; Robert Corn, director of alumni affairs-athletics; Dr. Al Cade (who challenged the other deans) joining teacher education faculty Dr. Deborah Brown and Lorinda Hackett; students from the respiratory therapy program; and head basketball coach Jeff Boschee.

Dr. Al Cade is the first to get soaked while taking the Ice Bucket Challenge Friday.

Dr. Al Cade is the first to get soaked while taking the Ice Bucket Challenge Friday.

Pound and Corn filmed theirs together while standing in the Dennis Weaver Memorial Fountain outside of the Ralph L. Gray Alumni Center.

“I was challenged by one of my friends and Coach Boschee challenged Robert,” said Pound. “I wanted to do it in honor of one of our former students, Diane Sharits, who has been diagnosed with ALS. I challenged our board members to do it.”

Because of this week’s extreme heat, the water’s impact was slightly lessened, she said.

“By the time we did our speech, a lot of the ice had already melted,” she said.