The university’s financial statements, Lion Alert and the campus smoking policy were discussed during last week’s Staff Senate meeting.

Rob Yust, vice president for business affairs, and Linda Eis, treasurer, gave staff senators a walk-through of the university’s financial statements which are posted on the Missouri Southern website.  Yust encouraged all employees to review the statements and attend meetings held yearly on the university’s finances.

To find the  financial statements, visit and select the Treasurer’s Office from the A-Z menu on the far left drop down menu under “About MSSU.”  Then select “Financial Statements” from the left navigation bar under “Resources.”  Or, visit

Faustina Abrahams, with Advising, Counseling & Testing,  provided an explanation of the Lion Alert system to the Staff Senate.  Faculty, staff and students can submit a Lion Alert referral.  A Lion Alert coordinator then refers the referrals and determines which university resources will best address the referral issue and the student’s need.  The Lion Alert page is available by using the Quick Links button on the top right-hand side of the university’s home page.  Abrahams called Lion Alert, “an invaluable resources for connecting students with the help they need.”

The Staff Senate also heard a report from Jake Messer, Student Senate president.  Messer reported that students recently voted 401-159 to favor a complete tobacco ban on the Missouri Southern campus.  He said the Student Senate has passed a resolution in favor of a smoke/vapor ban. He now wants input from the Staff and Faculty Senates before asking for a vote on the issue from the  Board of Governors.  Messer said 23 other higher education institutions in Missouri list themselves as having “smoke free campuses.”  The Staff Senate, which discussed methods of obtaining employee opinion and other aspects of the subject, will re-visit the issue in future meeting(s).

In other business, Heather Arnold, Wellness, was approved as the Staff Senate’s representative to the Missouri Southern Student Senate. She will attend their meetings on a regular basis.