A book autographed by Pres. Richard Nixon as well as a letter initialed by the former president will be donated to the Missouri Southern State University archives at 1:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 27, in the archive room on the first floor of Spiva Library.

Published in 1984, “Real Peace: A Strategy for the West” finds the 37th President sharing his thoughts on foreign policy – particularly the promise of creating a lasting peace with the Soviet Union. It’s a prospect, he argues, that can be reached via military preparedness, arms control and improved East-West economic ties.

"Real Peace"

“Real Peace”

Charles Nodler, archivist librarian at Missouri Southern, said the book has Nixon’s autograph and comes with a letter he wrote to former Congressman Gene Taylor, who represented Missouri’s Seventh Congressional District from 1972-88.

The donation to the archives will be made by former State Sen. Gary Nodler.

The archives at Missouri Southern include presidential letters from Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, as well as George H.W. Bush when he was serving as vice president.

“We also have a letter signed by Harry Truman, when he was the presiding judge in Jackson County, Mo., and a diploma from (former Mission Hills mansion owner) Frank Wallower that was signed by Woodrow Wilson,” said Nodler.

The original copies of the university’s archive documents are available to view in a digital format.