The Criminal Justice 440 class collected $1,500 in donated merchandise for the Children’s Haven of Southwest Missouri.

Criminal Justice students collected $,500 in donations for Children's Haven.

Criminal Justice students collected $,500 in donations for Children’s Haven.

A part of the victimology course, students are required to network in the community and gather $100 in merchandise that can be donated to an area service organization. Items gathered by the students included 30 gallons of laundry detergent, 12 boxes of diapers and enough paper products to fill half a room, said instructor JJ Spurlin.

“I preach the importance of giving back to the community all the time,” said Spurlin. “You always need to find ways to give back to the community you serve. It’s the most important lesson I want them to take away from this course.

“And they did wonderful. It’s a great group of kids and I guarantee there will be a lot of A’s going out this semester.”

The mission of Children’s Haven is to provide temporary emergency care for children of families experiencing a crisis.