The Teaching and Learning Committee has invited Judge Jimmie Edwards to speak at 2 p.m. Friday, Feb. 27, in Webster Hall’s  Corley Auditorium.

Edwards’ presentation will be on “Implicit Bias and At-Risk Students.”

Judge Jimmie Edwards

Judge Jimmie Edwards

Edwards, a St. Louis Circuit Court judge, opened the Innovative Concept Academy in 2009 to change the lives of teens facing a life of cycling through courtrooms and jail cells and to help them realize their potential.

“Judge Edwards is a great speaker and I think we could benefit from hearing him at Missouri Southern,” said Stephanie Hopkins, director of the Student Success Center. “He works with youth who are on the wrong track in life. He developed the Innovative Concept Academy which provides students not only with academic teaching but all kinds of life skills.

“One of his main points is to address the two things that affect learning – the students’ backgrounds and what they’re going through at home. He’s very in tune with that and knows that people learn differently.”

Hopkins said that faculty and staff have been invited to attend the presentation, which is also open to students. Teachers with Joplin High School, College Heights and Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School have also been invited.