Have you ever been so frustrated with technology that tossing it out the window seemed like the only sane option? Are you the type of user who only clicks with confidence when you’re electing to shut down your computer? Do you find yourself baffled by terms like bandwidth, malware, and cloud computing? img_4966

If you answered yes to any of these questions and are longing for the day when you can feel less tech challenged on campus, that day has arrived!

IT and the HR Training department have teamed up to host a brown bag training at noon Friday, Oct. 28, focusing on Becoming Tech-Savvy! It will begin at noon in Room 418 of Spiva Library. Attendees will learn from members of the Southern IT department what they can do now to immediately boost their computer knowledge and become more familiar with the University’s network. Cheat sheets, shortcuts and various user services will all be shared. To wrap-up the session, a Q&A will be held where YOU get to ask the experts!

Lunch will be provided and reservations are required by Wednesday, October 26. Seating is limited to the first 30 respondents. Contact HR Training at HRtraining@mssu.edu to make reservations today!