The Writing Program Committee is seeking student and faculty nominations for the 10th annual Writing Excellence Awards for MSSU students and faculty. writing

The student awards acknowledge excellent papers written in 200-level courses and above during the 2016 spring and fall semesters. Up to six students will be awarded $250.

Faculty awards recognize writing assignments used by instructors in 200-level courses and above. Two award recipients will receive $250.

To submit entries for the student awards, please submit the following to Christina Hamilton in Hearnes Hall 208:

  • the writing assignment (not limited to research papers),
  • a final copy of the student paper without instructor comments,
  • a scoring guide that describes the basis for evaluating the paper,
  • a detailed nomination letter from the instructor (see guidelines),
  • a completed checklist describing assignment (see guidelines).

For faculty awards:

  • the actual writing assignment that is given to students,
  • a scoring guide that describes the basis for evaluating the papers,
  • using your scoring guide, explain how this assignment promotes good writing in your particular discipline. (Detailed, discipline-specific explanations will improve your chance of winning.)

The deadline for all submissions is Jan. 20, 2017. For more information, contact a member of the Writing Program Committee: Michelle Dawson, School of Business; Peggy Day, School of Education; or Mari Beth Linder, School of Health Sciences.