Everybody loves games, right?

As the Great Game of Education rolls out the new Minigame training on Blackboard, we decided there could be no better illustration of how fun and easy it can be to design a Minigame than to playing a Minigame about the Minigame training. (It’s like “Inception” … how many levels deep can we go?)

So now it’s time to play “Lion Land”! The object of the game is simple – the more people we get to complete Minigame training, the further our Lion game piece moves along the game board. 

Winning the game is easy:

  • If we get 50 people on campus to complete the training, Twizzlers for all employees and staff.
  • If we reach 125 people trained then Blow Pops for the employees.
  • If we can reach 275 people trained by May 8th, we will bring the Jack’s Ice Cream Truck to campus for a celebration. You can stop by, grab an ice cream and grab a selfie with King Candy!

The point of this Minigame is to showcase its key components:

  • Low on cost, high on fun
  • A game built around a theme
  • An easy to read scoreboard
  • A celebration for everyone if we win. We all lose together or we all win together.

Let’s get the game underway! Sign on to Blackboard HERE to get started.

Did You Know?

  • We have a Great Game of Education discussion board for posting questions and concerns about GGOE. There is a link to board in the Communication > Contact Us area of the GGOE website.