In the immortal words of Alice Cooper, school’s out for summer. So why are we assigning homework?

Because the Great Game of Education is all about winning!

Take a moment to review the following checklist to make sure you’re caught up with all of the training modules available on Blackboard. If you haven’t completed everything through Minigames, log in HERE to finish up.

We’ll be adding new training modules during the fall semester. Huddle Rhythm will focus on how each department can feed and evaluate their individual scoreboards. MOSOlutions will offer a way for all university employees to submit ideas for increasing revenue, decreasing expenses, becoming more efficient, and increasing employee satisfaction and student success.

Did you know?

Dr. Scott Cragin was invited to give a presentation on how Missouri Southern has adapted and rolled out the GGOE during the 2017 EduTECH International Congress & Expo, which will be held June 8-9 in Sydney Australia. Last year, the two-day educational technology conference and exhibition drew more than 6,500 people.