The Registrar’s Office at Missouri Southern will soon roll out the Degree Works audit system!

Degree Works is an advisement tool which will be available in Fall 2017. Similar to the current CAPP degree audit, Degree Works provides students and advisors with an organized degree plan evaluation. It is aimed at helping students progress through their degree plan efficiently.

Degree Works compares the student’s academic history with the degree requirements outlined in the university catalog. Students can use it to track academic progress toward a degree, review the requirements they have completed and plan the courses they can take to complete remaining requirements.

The system offers more features and capabilities over the existing CAPP degree audit.

· Green, red, and blue checkboxes indicate courses that are complete, not complete, and in-progress, making it easy for students and advisors to quickly see which requirements are still outstanding.

· The audit can be saved as a PDF, making the audit easy to save and/or attach to an email

· The Term History link allows students to view a semester by semester breakdown of courses

· Academic advisors can leave notes on students’ audits, which will help them keep track of correspondence and important information

· There are three GPA calculators which help students conceptualize their semester and overall GPA

Degree Works will eventually replace the existing CAPP degree audit. Our campus will be using Degree Works and CAPP simultaneously until older catalogs can be programmed into the new system. The student’s catalog year will determine if they will use Degree Works or CAPP for their audit; students who are under the 2016-2017 catalog and forward will use Degree Works.

General Academic Petitions already processed in the current Banner/CAPP system will NOT transfer to the new Degree Works system. Degree Works is a standalone software and cannot “read” petitions processed in Banner/CAPP. With the exception of students graduating this summer, petitions for students graduating under the current 2016-2017 catalog (or later) will be held in the Office of the Registrar until the campus is live with Degree Works. Once it is live, the petitions will be processed in Degree Works. The Office of the Registrar will notify students.

Please note that petitions currently processed in Banner/CAPP will have to be reprocessed in Degree Works. This is going to take a significant amount of time given staff will be simultaneously building Degree Works for the 2017-2018 catalog. Watch for more updates once we begin this process.

The Office of the Registrar looks forward to bringing the enhanced features of Degree Works to students, advisors and staff. Introductory sessions have already started. Please stay tuned for training sessions throughout the summer and fall semesters, as well as written documentation and online tutorials.