Welcome back, everyone!

Our Great Game of Education initiative has made great strides over the summer and we apologize for the technical difficulties we had in the video that was presented at the all-employee meeting on August 18. Click here to view the video, which will soon be available on the GGOE website with other videos we have produced.

Student Affairs successfully piloted their huddle rhythm over the summer and Business Affairs is working on theirs now. Our huddle rhythm is the communication framework for GGOE. Its purpose is to ensure effective communication from the unit level to the University Council and back. Very soon, Physical and Chemical Sciences and the Social Sciences Department will be piloting the huddle rhythm for academic units.

We hope that everyone has completed training through the Minigame module. If you are not sure where you are in GGOE training, you can log into Blackboardhere and select the GGOE training site to see the badges you’ve earned.

If you’re new to the game, go to the training site and follow the instructions. You should be able to complete all modules in no time! If you have any questions, please contact Felicia Morley at morley-f@mssu.edu or at ext. 3512.

Did you know?

The GGOE Minigame subcommittee is ready and willing to help you design your own minigame. If you are considering a minigame, please follow this link to view the resources available on the GGOE website. Not only is help and advice available from the subcommittee, but reward funding is also available. See the application on that site.