The Joplin City Council has recognized Missouri Southern’s television station for providing more than 30 years of coverage.

The council offered a proclamation to KGCS-TV during a meeting on Monday, Feb. 5. The station was recognized as “an outstanding resource for the community because of its commitment to keep citizens informed of local news and events.”

City council meetings were one of the first things the station began broadcasting when it began operations in 1984, said Bill Hunt, creative services director for KGCS.

“Back then, someone had to carry a camera and all the equipment down to City Hall and then haul it back,” said Hunt. “Now the camera’s there and we have a direct fiber link from City Hall to Webster.’

Hunt said many students have covered the council meetings for KGCS over the years. The two students currently handling the job are Abby and Maddy West, both communication majors.

“It’s good to know what’s going on in your community,” said to Maddy West.

Abby West said the experience has taught her to be a better technical director.

“We appreciate the work by the staff and students to help us communicate with our citizens,” said Joplin Mayor Mike Seibert, a 1980 graduate of Missouri Southern. “As the station has grown through the years, their resources and talents have grown in keeping our community informed in many areas including local government, arts, education and area events. We want to thank and recognize all involved in these endeavors that help bring our community together with current news and information for our residents.”