If you’re looking for a fun and educational childcare option this academic year, The Lion Cub Academy (LCA) still has spaces available — and now, it comes with added benefits for university employees.
Beginning this fall, all MSSU faculty/staff parents of Lion Cub Academy children will receive a free week of childcare, which can be used at any point during this academic year. Additionally, they will be exempt from the Fall Semester LCA supply fee.
The Lion Cub Academy provides a critical introduction to education through enriching experiences. Children spend the day under the guidance of MSSU Teacher Education Majors as well as full-time educators with Bachelor’s degrees who focus on cultivating strong relationships between staff, children and families and creating a nurturing environment. The LCA offers an unrivaled outdoor classroom area, Fresh Ideas food service meals and a classroom surveillance video. 
The LCA provides care for children ages 1-6.
For more information, contact LCA Director Nikki Tappana at tappana-n@mssu.edu or visit https://www.mssu.edu/lioncubacademy/.