Traditionally, Missouri Southern’s international-themed semesters have been based upon a single country. For the Fall 2018 semester, however, events will be focused on an entire region.

“We had quite a few faculty (members) who had been lobbying for a Scandinavian or Nordic semester for some time, particularly in the Art Department and the English Department,” said Chad Stebbins, director of Southern’s Institute of International Studies. “So rather than choose a single country, which would have been very difficult, we decided to choose the group of five: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.”

Event topics range from language to food, sports, art, music and more. The Spiva Art Gallery will become the second location to showcase “The Experimental Self: Edvard Munch’s Photography.” The exhibit is on loan from the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway, and will be on display from Sept. 10-Oct. 19.

Many of the speakers and presenters for the Nordic Semester come from outside the university. However, several of Missouri Southern’s own faculty members will take the stage as well.

Presenters will include Dr. Jim Lile of the Theatre Department; Dr. Michael Howarth and Dr. Rebecca Mouser of the English Department; Dr. Nicholas P. Nicoletti of the Political Science Department; and Dr. David L. Sharlow, Dr.  Susan K. Smith, Freddie Green and Dr. Phillip C. Wise of the Music Department.

Stebbins says he is most excited to hear from Carl Magnus Palm, the foremost expert on the wildly successful Swedish band ABBA.

Whether you dream of becoming a “Dancing Queen” or not, take a look at the full list of events online or via the MSSU Mobile App, where the entire Nordic Semester schedule can be viewed in chronological order.

“This was a suggestion by our Nordic Semester Planning Committee,” said Stebbins. “We invited Al Stadler (Chief Information Officer at MSSU) to a meeting, and he said he could add the event schedule to the existing MSSU Mobile App.”

The technical lead for the project was Jimmie Collins of the MSSU IT staff.