Following last fall’s series of stakeholder engagement sessions and online surveys, the university has unveiled its new mission, vision, and values.

The results of the sessions and feedback from the surveys helped Missouri Southern’s Board of Governors shape a new strategic plan and come up with goals designed to chart a path forward for the university. The results were unveiled during the recent All-Employee Welcome Back meeting.


Missouri Southern State University will be a leader in offering relevant undergraduate and graduate programs that fulfill the educational needs of each student.

To attain our vision, we will:

* Be the University of Choice for Students, Faculty and Staff

* Create Transformative Experiences through Innovative Programs

* Promote our Culture of Excellence

* Engage in High-Quality Scholarly Activities

* Grow and Thrive



Missouri Southern State University will educate and graduate knowledgeable, responsible, successful global citizens.



We believe in:

* Service

* Integrity

* Respect

* Transparency

* Global Perspectives

* Community

* Responsibility and Accountability

* Diversity and Inclusion

* Broad-based Learning



No. 1: Attainment

Strategically grow enrollment and increase student attainment through graduation

No.2: Affordability

Provide infrastructure, services, and programs to meet workforce demand in a high-quality and affordable manner

No. 3: Quality

Continue to develop multiple pathways for student attainment of valuable and relevant credentials

No. 4: Research & Innovation

Strengthen research and engage in high-quality scholarly activities

No. 5: Investment, advocacy, and partnerships

Increase the university’s regional, national and global impact by partnering with and serving as a resource for industry and communities