Web Time Training On Tap This Week!

All Bi-weekly personnel, student employees and their supervisors will be seeing (and using!) an upgraded Web Time Entry system starting with the first pay period of April! The upgrade will feature a new timesheet layout and a few improved features for entering hours and reviewing/approving time. To help bi-weekly employees and approvers with this upgrade, a number of informational training session are being offered. Check below to view options and call HR Training at x4499 to reserve a seat!


Web Time Entry Upgrade for Bi-Weekly Employees

Wednesday, March 27                        Thursday, March 28

11:00 a.m.-Noon                                 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.

Phelps Theatre                                    Phelps Theatre


Web Time Entry Upgrade for Approvers (Supervisors)

Wednesday, March 27                       Thursday, March 28

1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.                            11:00 a.m.-Noon

Phelps Theatre                                    Phelps Theatre



Diversity & ADA Training for Supervisors

A variety of cultural, racial and ethnic groups can be found across campus, however to fully engage this diverse workforce supervisors must first learn to understand how differences make us stronger and what the law says about it all. During this month’s Supervisor Training: Diversity & ADA, scheduled for Wednesday, March 27at 3PM in BSC 341, attendees will learn about diversity in the workplace and how to stay compliant with ADA regulations. Contact HR Training at HRtrainign@mssu.edu to reserve your seat!


Fifth Friday Hack to focus on Data Security

During this quarter’s Fifth Friday Hack scheduled for Friday, March 29 at 2AM in Spiva 418, attendees will take an in-depth look at the world of data security. Al Stadler and Daniel Witcher will share what it takes to keep the adversary out of the university’s business and away from confidential information. What data needs protected and strategies to ensure privacy will be shared. An informal Q&A will be held to answer any looming questions and explore other Fifth Friday Hack topics. Contact HR Training at x4499 to reserve your seat!


Retirement Planning Lineup!

Recent studies have shown American’s need more money than ever before to live comfortably in retirement, but a large percentage of people have very little saves. To help educate campus about their retirement options and openly discuss what some refer to as a retirement crisis for today’s workforce, the HR Training department has put together a week-long retirement planning event coinciding with National Retirement Planning Week, April 8-12.

Each day will feature an informative session led by experts and university-approved investment vendors, many of which will offer one-on-one meetings to employees. Below is a list of all currently scheduled events, times, and locations. More details can be found on the HR Training SharePoint site and the upcoming April Training Newsletter. If you would like to attend any of the below sessions, contact HR Training at HRtraining@mssu.eduto reserve your seat.


Employee Benefits Series: Retirement – It’s For Everyone


BSC 356


Educational Savings Plan Overview (presented by Most 529 Savings)


BSC 341

Most 529 Savings Option 1:1 Meetings


BSC 341



Retirement Process – Where are you getting your extra 15 from? (presented by MO Deferred Comp)



Spiva 413A

MO Deferred Comp 1:1 Meetings

Spiva 413A


AIG Retirement Services 1:1 Meetings


BSC 343

Retirement Strategies for Women (presented by AIG)


BSC 343

Investment Planning (presented by AIG)


BSC 343

Social Security & Your Retirement (presented by AIG)

BSC 343