Thanks to a grant from the Department of Health and Senior Services, room 205 of Spiva Library on the campus of Missouri Southern State University has been converted into a lactation room.

Dr. Andrea Cullers, associate professor in the Kinesiology Department, recently secured the mini-grant.

“We have more than 400 women working here that are of childbearing age, not to mention student-mothers,” she said. “When they go back to work or school after having a child, they often stop breastfeeding because they don’t have a private place to pump.”

“The response by our faculty has been outstanding,” she added. “Many of them have even let students pump in their offices in the past, so hopefully, providing a new private and comfortable spot will reduce their challenge.”

The lactation room will be available to MSSU employees and students. Those interested in using it can simply check-out a key from the library circulation desk.