The concept was pretty simple – purchase a sandwich and one would be donated to an MSSU student.

Making it happen was even simpler.

MSSU alum Jon Tupper (’92) worked his culinary magic alongside his son, Jaren, to provide sandwiches from their Culver Creek Catering food truck to members of campus and the community on Aug. 8. The event was a “Buy One Give One” event to help the Lion Co-op and students who are dealing with food insecurity.

“I couldn’t be happier with the turnout,” said Tupper. “We had staff members, Lionbackers and folks who saw on social media that we were doing this.”

And while there wasn’t a huge student presence at the event, Tupper said he’ll donate the equivalent of each sandwich sold – along with tips – to the co-op.

“We ended up selling about 75 sandwiches which surpassed our goal, and all that resulted in well over $300.”

Tupper has been one of many individuals who have stepped up to help the co-op since it opened last fall inside the FEMA shelter. Along with providing numerous food items, he created a campaign on Facebook earlier this year that resulted in the donation of two freezers.

“It’s just something that’s near and dear to my heart,” he said. “We’ll definitely plan on doing the ‘BOGO’ event again soon.”