Missouri Southern wants every student to graduate. One way to do this is to get you enrolled. Join the PriROARity Enrollment Challenge to pre-register for the spring semester and you could win $100 cash! Priority enrollment helps ensure you get the courses you need and want!
Here is how the PriROARity Enrollment Challenge will work.
Every MSSU employee will be given five PriROARity Enrollment cards to distribute to students. Obtain a card from any MSSU employee, add your name and SID to the back and hand the card to your advisor when you enroll for spring classes. After you enroll, your advisor will place your card in a collection box. At the end of the priority registration period, a drawing will be held and five students will win $100 cash!
Here’s what you need to do for your chance to win a crisp Benjamin:
Request a PriROARity Enrollment card from any MSSU employee, including your advisor.
Add your name and SID to your PriROARity Enrollment card.
Register for courses during the appropriate priority registration period.
Leave your PriROARity Enrollment card with your advisor.
Only one PriROARity Enrollment card may be submitted per student.
Oct. 21-Nov. 15: PriROARity Enrollment cards placed by advisors in collection boxes
Nov. 18: PriROARity collection boxes collected by Empowering U
Nov. 19: PriROARity Enrollment winners drawn
Nov. 22: PriROARity prizes distributed!
Get pre-registered and continue your educational journey here at Southern (and maybe win $100)!