Priority enrollment has begun, as has an incentive challenge for MSSU employees and students.

The “PriROARity Enrollment Challenge” consists of the following:

Every employee will receive five PriROARity Enrollment cards. Cards will include your name and a spot for students to add their name and SID. During priority enrollment, Oct. 21-Nov. 15, you are encouraged to connect with students by giving them a card and encouraging them to schedule an appointment with their advisor to ensure they get the classes they want/need.

As students register for spring classes, they will complete their PriROARity Enrollment card and give the card to their advisor to be placed in a collection box. Collection boxes are located within every academic unit, as well as the ACTS Office. At the end of the priority registration period, a drawing will be held and five students and five employees will win $100 cash each!

Advisor instructions:

Collect PriROARity Enrollment cards from every student registering for classes during their priority registration period.

If a student doesn’t have a PriROARity Enrollment card, be sure to give them one of yours or encourage them to get one from any MSSU employee.

Place the PriROARity Enrollment cards of all students that have registered in your department’s collection box.

If students meet with you prior to their priority registration period, ask them to drop a PriROARity Enrollment card off at a designated location or leave a card with you after they have self-enrolled.


Oct. 21-Nov. 15: PriROARity Enrollment cards placed in departmental collection boxes

Nov. 18: Collection boxes collected by Empowering U

Nov. 19: Winners drawn

Nov. 22: Prizes distributed