The University Police Department recently completed their first Process Improvement Challenge of the academic year, landing them with cool swag and an update to their personal appearance policy.

The team of seven spent much of the Fall 2019 semester working to save electricity across campus by turning off lights while completing their evening securing procedures. The goal was to turn off 1,000 lights, which they exceeded by logging 1,563 flips of the switch!

To celebrate their “Stop the Leaks” accomplishments, officers received flashlights with charging stations, a catered lunch, and permission to have facial hair (groomed goatees and trimmed mustaches). Previously, officers were under a strict no-facial-hair rule.

The challenge also brought about changes in how the department handled their night routines, noting some buildings don’t have evening custodians to ensure lights are kept off; thus, officers would be the first line of conservation. It also highlighted areas where lights are continually left on, providing officers the opportunity to encourage departments to be wiser consumers.

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