In order to provide additional WiFi access for Missouri Southern State University students, faculty and staff, the Information Technology Department has identified areas where it is available from campus parking lots.

To access the WiFi maps, visit and click on the Employee and Student Resources sections in the sidebar.

The areas highlighted in green are recommended, as the signal strength and connection speed are good. The areas in yellow are areas where the signal strength and speeds are a little slower.

Connection to Southern’s WiFi can be made with regular student and employee credentials.

“With the campus closed, we felt it was a priority to ensure that students and faculty members who need it are able to utilize the campus WiFi system from the comfort of their vehicle,” said Julie Wengert, dean of Student Success and Support at Missouri Southern.

“While working from a car it is not the most ideal situation, it is definitely within the social distancing guidelines, and that is truly what matters right now – the safety of our campus community.”

The computer lab in Anderson Criminal Justice Center remains open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, she said.