Students at Missouri Southern State University have the opportunity to opt into a non-traditional grading scale for the Spring 2020 semester.

“Due to changes made to course delivery as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, a university policy has been created for a Pass/Low Pass/Unsatisfactory course grade option,” said Dr. Paula Carson, Missouri Southern’s provost/vice president of academic affairs. “The intent of this policy is to provide students flexibility, recognizing the challenging situation that we are all facing.”

Students may choose the new grading scale on a course-by-course basis. Scoring in the “A to C” range will be defined as “Pass,” while the “D” range will be defined as “Low Pass.” Credit will be awarded for both.

An “Unsatisfactory” grade will be defined as not passing the course. No credit hours will be earned or course requirements fulfilled.

Students with a “Pass” or “Low Pass” will be eligible to meet undergraduate general education requirements. A “Pass” grade will meet prerequisite and master’s requirements.

The optional grading scale will not count toward a student’s GPA.

Students who have questions may contact their academic adviser or the Advising, Counseling & Testing office. More information can be found at