A new certificate program offered at Missouri Southern has been designed to bolster the leadership and management skillset needed to operate a successful arts organization.

The certificate in Arts Management and Leadership will be available with the start of the Fall 2020 semester.

“The idea was to create a program unique to us that combines art, music, theater, history and museums, and to create a certificate that focuses on how to run (an arts program) as opposed to just being a part of it,” said Erick Wolfe, chair of the Theatre Department. “You may have all the people in the world who want to do theatre, but if you don’t have a company that is being run properly, it’s just going to collapse.”

The certificate will be a 17-18 credit-hour program, taking two semesters to complete. It will give students an understanding of a number of critical areas which arts administrators must manage, including fundraising, marketing, grant writing, budgeting and audience development. An internship with an arts organization – either local or elsewhere – will be among the requirements.

Wolfe said the certificate will focus on leadership and management in the fields of art, music, theater and museums.

“Eventually, we hope to grow it to include sports management and heritage management, which is more site-specific,” he said.

The certificate program is open to any major, and available for non-students who wish to bolster their management and leadership abilities.

“It’s completely open,” Wolfe said. “You could already be working for an arts organization but want to up your skills. Or you could be a student who decides you aren’t cut out for the performance side but still want to be involved. Arts management is a growing area.”