Fans – Throughout the summer, we will be catching up with student-athletes to see how they are doing and getting to know them a little better. Below is our latest installment of At Home With A Lion. 

Ryan Riddle – Men’s Track and Field/XC

Q: Where are you at right now? 
A: I am at home in Joplin.

Q: What does your summer schedule (not just classes) consist of? 
A: I run in the early morning then relax and rest until work in the evenings most days.

Q: Can you take us through the day when you learned sports were shut down and the stay at home first began? 
A: When we were told Nationals was cancelled it was very devastating because of all the work my teammates and I had put in the prior months to not be able to perform at the final stage.

Q: How did you make taking classes online work during the last half of the semester? 
A: Taking classes online was a challenge getting used to as I prefer in class learning, however I had to adapt and overcome those challenges to get a 4.0 for the semester.

Q: What is your favorite moment at MSSU so far? 
A: My favorite moment at MSSU was conference weekend and seeing how engaged the team was with everyone’s events and it made for a great experience.

Q: How do you stay positive during all of this? 
A: I stay positive by taking things one day at a time and by setting goals I want to achieve both athletically and academically for the upcoming year.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most when things start to get back to somewhat normal? 
A: I am most looking forward to seeing my teammates again and getting back to work to achieve great things with my team.