“13 Midnights” – a new anthology film featuring 13 ghostly stories – recently made its debut on Amazon Prime.

The film, which features actors sharing these stories directly with you, the viewer, is the creation of Steve Scearcy, a 1972 graduate of Missouri Southern State University who now lives in Kansas City.

Filmed in black and white, a cast of regional actors and actresses share the collected stories … such as a creepy reflection that dwells in a barroom mirror, piano lessons that continue to haunt a man years later, and a monster that lives under the bed. Scearcy himself appears in the film, popping in and out as a narrator between some of the segments to address the audience.

In this episode of “MOSOunds,” Scearcy talks about “13 Midnights” as well as his time at Missouri Southern. For more information about the film, click here.

Music by Caffeine_Creek_Band from Pixabay