Maybe it’s a scented face mask that smells like cat litter and gravy.

Or it could be a search engine that pulls the exact opposite of the results you need.

Underwater accordion lessons, anyone?

The more outlandish the idea, the more you’re sure to stand out in inaugural Bad Pitch Competition, hosted by Missouri Southern’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

“We thought this might be a good way to have some fun, with not a lot of stress involved, to get students used to pitching in a virtual environment,” says Ken Surbrugg, the center’s director. “With COVID, it could mean the annual pitch competition is virtual, so this could make them more comfortable.”

Open to students in any major, participants must create a one-minute video pitching their product or service. Any idea is on the table, says Surbrugg – though it must comply with the student handbook and not be vulgar in nature.

While the spring pitch competition comes with a monetary award, the Bad Pitch Competition is more for bragging rights.

“You get the satisfaction of knowing you have the worst idea on campus,” he says. “I hope to have the idea and year posted on a plaque in our office.”

To submit a video, email by Wednesday, Nov. 18.