The Teacher Education Department is expanding opportunities for high-school students to get a jump start on their college studies.

High-school students from Webb City, McDonald County, Southwest Washburn and Lamar have joined Carthage and Carl Junction in offering Education 100 as a dual-credit course. They can take the introduction to teacher education course while in high school and earn three hours of college credit.

“The course covers a lot of different things, but it’s basically an introduction to the profession,” said Dr. Susan Craig, department chair. “They have experience as students, but this gives them real world experience on what it looks like from a teacher’s perspective.”

There are currently 25 area high-school students taking part in the program, she said.

“There’s a built-in practicum where students will spend time in classrooms in their district outside of their own to see what that looks like so they can make informed decisions about their career choice,” Craig said. “Our hope is they’ll be interested in coming to Missouri Southern after they graduate.”