Since the start of the 2021-22 academic year, more than 140 commendations have been submitted through the PAWsitively the Best program!

The program allows any employee to submit a commendation for a fellow university employee, earning points they can use to purchase rewards from the PAWsitively store.

Below are a few of the more recent PAWsitively the Best submissions.

Jeni Vieselmeyer supports her Teacher Education Department colleagues by providing easy-to-read data tables and accurate knowledge of processes and procedures in the Teacher Education Department. Jeni is consistent and timely with her responses to questions. Thank you, Jeni!”

“As a painter, Bobby Dunagan, is an unseen backbone of MSSU. He keeps our buildings shining and nice. His ability to paint quickly and correctly means staff, faculty, students and the public sees a positive image. The best part is he does it all with a smile and happy attitude. If you ask for a special request, or change in the middle of the project, he works with you and does it all without any complaint. Thank you, Bobby, for keeping our campus so nice.”

“In honor of National Workaholics Day I would like to commend Dr. Crystal Lemmons. Not only does she put in more hours toward making sure the Biology Department’s needs are met, she does it with a kind heart and a smile on her face. Her positivity shines through even in the most difficult of times and this does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you, Crystal, for all that you do and setting an example of a giving heart.”

But these aren’t the only colleagues getting a note of thanks!

Other PAWsitively the Best recipients include: Faustina Abrahams, Dawn Bankson, Kelsey Bartlett, Brenda Beasley, Magdalena Boicu, Teresa Bowman, Kent Broady, Emily Brower, Ashley Brownfield, Wes Brownfield, Heather Bullock, Bryce Burns, James Capeci, Amanda Carceres, Julie Christiansen, Jimmie Collins, Jessica Davis, Linda Day, Maria Dermott, Kelly Desmond, Joseph Desmond, Angela Durborow, Melissa Forsythe, Martha Freeman, Alex Gandy, Jan Garner, Autumn Gilbert, Jeannie Gilbert, Rachel, Gilmore, Jeri-Ann Goswick, Lorinda Hackett, Christina Hamilton, James Hartje, Meghan Henson, Taylor Hinojoza, Sara Holtzen, Evan Jewsbury, Donna Johnson, John Kilmer, James Kimbrough, Amy Kirby, Dee Kirby, Eddie Kirkendall, Heather Lesmeister, Justin Maskus, Wendy McGrane, Chloe McMain, Don Mihulka, Eli Moran, William Mountz, Michelle Nicoletti, Michelle Nolan, Mike Opfer, Ryan Orcutt, David Penning, Melissah Perkins, Michelle Price, Kevin Pyle, Sam Quackenbush, Nicholas Reynolds, Victoria Rhodes, Zack Rice, Laura Schisler, Tom Schmidt, Tara Schneider, Gay Smith, Kristine Steddum, Amanda Stone, Rae Surber, Debra Swearengen, Arleen Thomas, Craig Thompson, Dee Treat, Dianne Vlasin, Jason Willard, Judy Wilmoth, Amanda Wolf, Betsy Wood, and Stephanie Workman.

Don’t forget to send some Pawsitivity today with a quick shout-out to a coworker for a job well done, a thank you for support on a project, or a message of praise for going above and beyond!

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