Enrollment for the Fall 2022 semester has begun; and, while enrolling students isn’t an assigned task of every member of our campus community, it does take everyone doing their part to make our university successful.

The Empowering U committee has worked with Student Affairs to set our challenge goals and once again will add the name of every MSSU faculty and staff member, full- and part-time, to the pool of potential challenge winners.

How do you win?

This year we’ve selected three challenge goals, each based on the total percentage of eligible students registered during the 28-day Priority Enrollment period, which began March 28 and will continue through April 25.

GOAL 1 60% of eligible students enrolled

(1,854 students)

REWARD 1 $400 payout

(2 students/2 employees each receiving $100)

GOAL 2 65% of eligible students enrolled

(2,008 students)

REWARD 2 $800 payout

(4 students/4 employees each receiving $100)

GOAL 3 70% of eligible students enrolled

(2,163 students)

REWARD 3 $1,600 payout

(8 students/8 employees each receiving $100)

*eligible student headcount was derived from final census minus dual credit and December graduates.

As we reach each goal, a drawing will be held and both students and employees will each win $100 cash! The challenge will continue until we reach $2,800 or the 28-day priority enrollment period ends, whichever comes first.

How can you help reach our PriROARity Enrollment Challenge goals?

Regardless of your role at Southern, you have the ability and responsibility to positively impact student retention.

  • If you are an advisor, reach out to your student advisees.
  • If you are a faculty member, remind students in your classes to enroll for Fall courses, perhaps recommending a class that would be a great follow-up to your current course!
  • If you are a staff member who interacts with students, take a moment to ask them about their Fall schedule.
  • If you don’t interact with students, take advantage of opportunities to ask students if they’re enrolled and what course they may be most excited about in the Fall.

In short, talk to our students. Engage them and encourage their pursuit to graduation. Accept the challenge and help achieve the University’s strategic goal of increased student retention!